Shipping Policy

Worldwide shipping 6-10 business days

Return / Exchange policy

Is it possible to return items purchased from the eshop? Yes, it is. You are welcome to contact us via email or phone, if having any doubts concerning the size or model. We are prepared to kindly provide You with any information concerning the product. It will help You to avoid prolonged procedures of return and exchange as well. 

However, if the purchased item is misfitted, then please inform us immediately by writing an email to [email protected] 

You are allowed to: 

– exchange the product into a different size; 

– exchange the product into a different model; 

– have Your money returned. Important! Shipping expenses cannot be returned. Shipping costs need to be paid by a purchaser. 

In the case of an exchange or return, items have to meet the criteria: 

– the item cannot be worn or used in other ways, it cannot be damaged, its value cannot be lost. 
– the item has to be presented in its original package, the primary appearance of an item cannot be lost. 
– the item has to be presented with all of the labels attached to it. 
– the item must be returned within 14 days of purchase. 

After receiving the exchangeable or returnable item, the responsible person commits to inform the purchaser within 1 business day if the item meets exchange/return criteria. If the item meets the criteria, we commit to exchange it or return money within 7 business days. 

Exchange of the item 

Item can be exchanged into any other item that does not exceed the value of an exchangeable item. Purchaser is allowed to exchange it into any other item from the current merchandise assortiment.